You are Invited to the 99th Annual National Convention of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada!!

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Call for National Convention Volunteers

Looking to Volunteer for the 2019 CWL National Convention???

We are still in need of volunteers for the following portfolios:



This team starts assembling the decorations on Thursday, August 15th at the Hyatt (we have a room assigned for this) and will be busy decorating our convention floor, evening events at the Hyatt and ensuring our flower arrangements are at both our churches for the opening and closing masses.  On Thursday, August 22nd help is needed to take everything down and sell these decorations. 

If interested, please contact Jessie Wunsch at  or 403-831-7990.


Liturgy Room – Prayer Room

Bishop McGrattan has graciously authorized the Blessed Sacrament to reside in the Prayer Room of the Hyatt, thus eliminating us having to transport the Blessed Sacrament to and from St. Mary’s Cathedral.  As a result, we need ladies to man the Prayer Room from 7:30am to 5:00pm. 

If interested, please contact Sharon Malec at  or 1-403-380-8623.


Registration and Credentials: 

Volunteers are required to help register delegates and hand out the registration packages on the Saturday August 17th and Sunday August 18th before the convention.

If interested, please contact Hertha Rose at  or 403 690-7212 for more information.


Calgary Stampede Pin found

This pin was found at the May 25th 2019 Meet and Greet at Holy Spirit Catholic Church. If it is yours, please contact Bernice at 403 238-0863.


Choir Participants


The Catholic Women’s League of Canada
National Convention Planning Committee
Calgary August 18-21, 2019


“Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!”  Psalm 95:1

Please join our CWL Diocesan Choir who will lead the Eucharistic Celebrations at our Opening and Closing Masses.  

The Opening Mass will be at St Albert the Great, 10 Prestwick Dr. SE, Calgary, AB T2Z 4J6 - Sunday, August 18th at 7:00 PM;

The Closing Mass will be at St. Mary’s Cathedral, 18 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0C2 - Wednesday, August 21st at 5:00 PM.

Singers would need to attend the following 3 rehearsals at St. Mary’s Cathedral:

Saturday, June 22 at 10:30 AM to 12:30PM

Saturday, June 29 at 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Saturday, August 17 at 6:15 PM to 8:15PM

This is a women's voice choir; you do not need to attend or register for the convention itself. If you are interested, please contact Penny by email.


2019 Convention Volunteers

Co-Chairs - CWL 2019 National Convention: Judy Montes and Marilyn Schafer.

In order to encourage volunteer participation from our CWL sisters from the Drumheller, Highwood, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat regions, the Calgary region is establishing a network of CWL sisters in the Calgary Region who are willing to billet their sister-volunteers from these regions. If you are interested in being billeted, please contact Ginette Palmer.

Below is a description of the volunteer duties:


Jan Morel, Chair

Assist the Portfolio Chair with ensuring that all reservations and confirmations of delegates with the hotel are handled in a timely manner. 

Provide information to the Registrations & Credentials committee in a timely manner.

Jessie Wunsch
Lilo Garzon

Prepare, set up and take down all decorations for all convention meeting rooms, venues for masses, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday dinners in the Main Convention Room, as well as flowers for the church and the Prayer Room at the Convention venue.

Marilyn Schafer, Chair

Ensure all exhibitors have appropriate signage, tables and chairs for their exhibits; inform them re: storage of their valued items overnight in the Stephen's Room. 

Exhibitors will be setting up their tables outside the Main Convention Room on the Sunday before convention - at noon.  Please note that, if they wish to hear speakers or attend break-out sessions, they will be required to pay the Registration Fee.

Lulu Crespo, Chair

There are many areas our Hospitality volunteers will be needed:

  • at the airport to greet National Executive, Bishops, Guests and Delegates,
  • in the Hyatt lobby and various areas on the Convention floor,
  • at St. Albert the Great church and at St. Mary’s Cathedral. 

Volunteers will be provided with information to enable them to answer questions with a smile. 

If needed/requested, volunteers will direct people to the buses/C-train or to escort people to downtown events/venues.  Volunteers will also carry hand-held signs. 

Other requirements will be dependent on what the other portfolios might require of the hospitality team. See the article below for more details.

Sharon Malec      

Assist the Portfolio Chair, including ushering, with all Eucharistic Celebrations - ie at the Hyatt Hotel and at the 2 churches ie St. Albert the Great (Opening Mass) and St. Mary's Cathedral (Closing Mass). 

Man the Prayer Room in shifts from 6:30am to 6:00pm from Sunday (pre-convention) to Wednesday afternoon 3:00pm, ensuring silence is maintained, as the Blessed Sacrament will be housed in the Prayer Room.

Gayleen Hamilton
Gabrielle Simpson

Assist the Portfolio Chair with editing, collating and organizing all printed booklets, tickets for Special Events, Signage. 

Arrange for getting the printed material to the respective Portfolio Chairs in a timely manner.

Sharon Malec

Assist the Portfolio Chair with following all protocol during the convention.  Of particular note is the protocol for the Flags - for the Opening Mass, Convention Floor and Closing Mass. 

Hertha Rose

Assist the Portfolio Chair with preparing and distributing all registration packages for the delegates (900 to 1000). 

Registration desks will be set up in the Lobby of the Conference floor (3rd floor) and volunteers will be asked to man the desks in shifts, before and during the convention.  Answer all questions related to registration and special events, and ensure all delegates sign up for the Provincial Dinners and the Gala Banquet. 

Gayleen Hamilton

Assist the Portfolio Chair with assembling and displaying all the items received from National for sale. 

Man the desk - in shifts - during the convention. 

On Wednesday afternoon ensure all unsold items are packed and verified for return shipping to national office.

Wanda Grisak  

Assist the Portfolio Chair with setting up a 'mini-office' with appropriate equipment and stationery in order to support the national executive before, during and after convention. 

There is a lot of stapling, sorting and collating of resolutions that needs to be done in time for the Resolutions Dialogue meeting on Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm in the Main Convention Room.  Volunteers will work in shifts.

Lulu Crespo

Lend support to all other committees, where needed, throughout the convention.

Jan Morel

Assist the Portfolio Chair with ensuring that delegates have tickets for Transportation and all Special Events. 

Collect tickets for all Tours and Special Events, including the Gala Banquet. 

The Gala Banquet is a responsibility of this committee and will require volunteers to ensure its success.

Gabrielle Kalincak

Assist the Portfolio Chair with ensuring all delegates are directed to their appropriate transportation, be it for opening and closing masses, or for tours. 

These volunteers will be responsible for holding up signs to direct the delegates to their transportation for the events.  Also assist with directing Special Guests, National Executive and Bishops to the limousines, if applicable.

Thank you for volunteering to be a huge part of our 2019 CWL National Convention. Sign up at


2019 National Convention Hospitality Volunteers

The largest need for volunteers will be in the Hospitality Portfolio. Welcoming our guests at the airport or in the Hyatt lobby, assisting our guests at St. Albert the Great church and at St. Mary’s Cathedral - All greeting, ushering and answering questions with a smile. 

We encourage you to get a group of members from your council together for shifts.  We already have a couple of councils who are in the process of organizing this.  You will be set apart and easily recognizable.   The dress code for the Hospitality volunteers is a jean skirt (length below the knee - midi length), white blouse, CWL sash placed across your chest and a fascinator on your pretty heads.  The CWL sash and the fascinator will be provided to you, but we hope you have a jean skirt and a white blouse.  

As the event draws near, further details will be made available to you regarding shift times, locations and number of volunteers required for each shift and area.  As well, a tour of the Hyatt will be arranged for the volunteers to familiarize themselves with the main venue. 

The 2019 Convention Planning committee extends this volunteer request to all CWL members of the Calgary Diocese.

As our CWL Diocesan Council is hosting this convention, we would like all 5 regions in our Diocese to volunteer and get involved.  We are in the process of establishing a “billeting process” for our volunteers who reside outside Calgary and hope to have this finalized in the new year.  Stay tuned. 

Please come volunteer and join us in hosting this convention.  Help us give our CWL delegates the warmest welcome possible.

If you are interested, here is the link for you to sign up:

If you wish further information or wish to discuss, please contact Lulu Crespo via email

God bless you all for your time and energy.

Lulu Crespo
Chair, Hospitality & Support
2019 CWL National Convention Planning Committee

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Branded in Christ

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