Welcome to the 2019 CWL National Convention!

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The Calgary 2019 National Convention Planning Committee needs your help to make this a fantastic event.

Co-Chairs - CWL 2019 National Convention: Judy Montes and Marilyn Schafer.

Secretary: Catherine Jeffrey

Treasurer: Renee Spohn

To make this Convention the best it can be we will need many volunteers to help out!  Consider signing up as a group from your parish or make it a fun event with friends or family! 

We have an online signup at http://signup.com/go/ByVodY. Please sign up for any or all the areas you are interested in. Once you have signed up, your information will be forwarded to the portfolio chairs and they will be in contact with you directly! Volunteer shifts and particulars will be discussed with your Chairs and will be finalized closer to our event.

The largest number of Volunteers are needed for the Hospitality portfolio. These ladies will be the “face of Calgary”, welcoming delegates and directing them to the various events and convention venues.  For example:  delegates will be arriving at the Calgary airport from the Wednesday night before the convention and we will have Volunteers greeting them at the airport, and giving them directions as to where they should be picking up their transportation to get them to the Hyatt.

We call on you to volunteer, to be a huge part of OUR 2019 CWL National Convention.

Jan Morel, Chair
Handle all reservations and confirmations of delegates with the hotel; Is the main liaison and coordinator for the convention planning committee and requires to liaise closely with the Registrations & Credentials committee chair
Bernice Thomas
Responsible for putting together the Budget for the convention; responsible for fundraising for the convention; ensure the Treasurer is a member of this committee
Theresa Granger, Chair
Provide decorations for all meeting rooms, venues for mass, banquet and social functions as well as flowers for the church
Marilyn Schafer, Chair
Manage all exhibitors; liaise with the national president who approves all exhibitors
Lulu Crespo, Chair
Greet all attendees and provide hostesses in the convention centre during all business sessions
Sharon Malec      
Plan and prepare all liturgical celebrations before, during and after the convention, working closely with the convention planning committee, national chairperson of spiritual development and the national spiritual advisor
Gayleen Hamilton
Gabrielle Simpson
Arrange for printing of the Liturgy Program and the official Convention Program booklets by working closely with all committees
Sharon Malec
Responsible for ensuring appropriate protocol at the convention for all celebrations
Kari Schwab
Promote the convention to gain maximum attendance and publicize the convention locally. 
Hertha Rose
Responsible for all items that are specific to a convention attendee
Gayleen Hamilton
Responsible for ensuring all Sale Of League supplies are shipped directly to the convention site; ensuring all unsold items are packed and verified for return shipping to national office
Wanda Grisak  
Responsible for setting up a 'mini-office' with appropriate equipment in order to support the national executive before, during and after convention
Lulu Crespo
Lend support to all other committees, where needed, throughout the convention.
Jan Morel
Responsible for Tickets and Special Events before, during and after convention.  The Closing Banquet is a responsibility of this committee
Gabrielle Kalincak
Responsible for all transportation needs for the convention

Sign up at http://signup.com/go/ByVodY 

Visit our Facebook Page at https://facebook.com/cwl2019yyc

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Branded in Christ

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