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Return to School Prayer Service

Education is a life-long experience that leads the students from where they are to where God wants them to be. The start of a new school year is filled with apprehension, excitement and hope as they enter a new stage in life.

As members of the Catholic Women’s League, we are called to pray for our communal well-being. We ask for God’s protection on our schools, staff and students. Together we pray that the Lord will be with them, guiding their journey with all the changes.

Sharon Malec is a Past Calgary Diocesan President and currently serves as Provincial Legislation Chair.  As a mother, grandmother and retired school teacher, she is always concerned for the wellbeing of God's precious children. At the request of her CWL Council (St. Martha's, Lethbridge), Sharon prepared a beautiful prayer service for them to pray as the children return to school. They included the Rosary of the day after the Communal prayer, and their Spiritual Advisor, Fr William, gave a final blessing.

St. Martha's Council gifts this service to other CWL Councils with the desire that you will regard it as a living document and adapt it as you feel best serves your members and their families.

Download the Return to School Prayer Service:



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