• Bellelle Guerin Award

    Parish Councils can give this award to a member who has dedicated herself to the work of the League in her parish, diocese and/or province. 

    • apply to National office
  • Certificates

    Several types of certificates are available from National Office for Councils to present for various purposes.

  • Elsie Yanik Award

    Provincial annual award given to an individual who has shown leadership and ministry/service

    • nominated by Parish or Diocesan Council
    • apply by December 31
  • Life Membership

    National award for past Diocesan or Provincial Presidents

    • nominations submitted by Diocesan or Provincial executives
  • Maple Leaf Service Pins

    Presented by Parish Councils to members who have served the League in an exceptional manner.

  • Newsletters

    Share your members' milestones and your Council's achievements. We would love to help honor them.