National Meeting of Members:

2023: August 13-16, Saint John, New Brunswick: Annual Meeting of National Council (with a virtual option for non-voting members) All are welcome to view the livestream of the proceedings. Click here to register for the 2023 National Annual Meeting of Members Livestream:
2024: August 11-14, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2025: August 10-13

Visit the National CWL website for records of past conventions.


Instructed Vote Process

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The process for giving the voting delegate an instructed vote begins at the parish council meeting early in the year. Each parish council’s instructed vote will be given to the diocesan council at the diocesan annual meeting of members. The diocesan council's instructed vote will be given to the provincial council at the provincial annual meeting of members. The provincial council's instructed vote is the final vote and will be given at the national meeting of members.

Parish Council Presidents

  1. At a parish council meeting held at least one month prior to the diocesan annual meeting of members, schedule a time to hold the vote on the proposed amendment. In the meeting announcement, inform members that the vote will be taken.
  2. When the time for the vote arrives, read (or have someone read) the proposed amendment and the reasons for it. Allow time for discussion and questions.
  3. Take the vote, both for and against. Count and record the numbers both for and against the proposed amendment. If two-thirds of the members present and voting have voted in favour of the proposed amendment, then the instructed vote that the president, as voting delegate, will take to the diocesan annual meeting of members is “YES.” If there are not two-thirds in favour of the proposed amendment, then the instructed vote to be taken to the diocesan annual meeting of members is “NO.”
  4. Complete the Parish Council Instructed Vote Form provided with the information requested. Both the president and the secretary sign the form.
  5. Keep the yellow copy of the form and send the white copy to the diocesan president at least two weeks prior to the diocesan annual meeting of members.
  6. Bring the copy to the diocesan annual meeting of members to ensure that the voting delegate votes as instructed.

Source: National Manual of Policy and Procedure Pages 153-155


2024 National Convention Fundraising Items

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If you would like to purchase any items, please contact Margaret Schwab at .

The Christmas ornaments are easy and inexpensive to ship. The notebooks are a bit more expensive to ship, so we would prefer to find a way to get them to you in person if we can.



Celebrate the Birth of Jesus with the Catholic Women's League! This beautiful pewter Christmas Ornament features the stylized Madonna surrounded by a wreath of holly. Great for your Christmas tree, or hang it on your wall, or in a window. Comes with a silver ribbon attached. 

This ornament isn't just for CWL members, your friends and family would love them too!

Wording on the ornament:

Celebrate the Birth of Jesus
The Catholic Women's
League of Canada



NOTEBOOKS : $20 + shipping 

Whether at meetings or conventions, or even just doing your grocery shopping, this notebook is great for writing down all of your thoughts. It contains :

  • 160 white lined pages,
  • an accordion pocket on the inside for keeping important documents (like your meal tickets),
  • and a ribbon page marker.

NOTE: Renee Spohn has 15 notebooks for sale, please contact her at or (403) 892-6641.

Source: SK Provincial CWL


2022 National Convention

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The 102nd Annual National Convention was held August 14-17, 2022 along the stunning Oakanagan Lakeside of Kelowna, British Columbia. Liturgy Booklet

Instructed Vote: Notice of Motion to Increase per Capita Fees was approved

The national per capita fee will be increased from $12 to $25 effective with the 2023 membership year. Read the communique from Marie Rackley, national secretary-treasurer.

Instructed Vote:  Notice of Motion to Amend the Constitution & Bylaws (2013)

Amendment II Patroness was defeated.  Our Lady of Good Counsel remains our patroness. All other amendments were approved.  The attached Faith, Service and Social Justice document was prepared by National and gives us insight into the envisioned future of the League to work through these three standing committees.

Resolution 2022.01 Enact Federal Legislation to Reduce Food Loss and Waste

Congratulations to St. Patrick’s CWL council for their resolution on Food Loss and Waste. After over 3 years of working on this resolution it was adopted.  The Resolution is here, including the brief and action plan.


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Hear what Bishop McGrattan has to say about being National Spiritual Advisor to the Catholic Women's League:


2019 National Convention Presentations

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Speakers at the 99th annual national convention are generously sharing their presentations with us. Check the National website for the Breakout session presentations, Oral Reports and other convention news. Marilou Legeyt, who presented A Carbon Conversation, has shared some additional information and resources which are added below under the convention photos.

Two sessions were live-streamed at the time of presentation for the benefit of those who were not able to attend:

  • the Keynote Address by Sr. Dorothy Ederer O.P., What is Our Common Home? We Care for Our Homeland, Our Homes, Our Hearts
  • and Fran Lucas' The League of the Future: Year 1 (strategic planning progress report).

Learn more about Sr. Ederer's work at Her books are available through her Amazon Author Page.