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Past President / Archives

Duties of Past President

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The past president at any level of the League shall:

  1. serve her council and president in a consultative capacity. She may advise and assist the president using her experience and expertise as a member of the council concerned.
  2. be responsible for the archives and history of her council. If a public archives facility is used as a repository for items of historical value, the past president should identify all items in a catalogue format, retaining a copy for the council records. The history of a council is preserved through scrapbooks, photo albums and council minutes. The past president should be responsible for these important books, so members will have a permanent record of the work accomplished by their council.
  3. facilitate and encourage the study and implementation of the Constitution & Bylaws.
    The past president should encourage members to become knowledgeable about the Constitution & Bylaws and to conduct the affairs of the council accordingly. Any questions related to the interpretation of the Constitution & Bylaws shall be referred to the national chairperson of laws.
  4. submit an annual report to the next level (parish to diocesan, diocesan to provincial, provincial to national), summarizing her years activities (see Past President-Guidelines for Reporting). A copy of the monthly and annual reports must be filed with the recording secretary.


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