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ABMK Provincial Conventions

2018 ABMK Provincial Convention Review

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The Alberta Mackenzie 71st Annual Convention was held on June 1st and 2nd, 2018 in the wonderful town of Okotoks, Alberta, lying on the banks of the Sheep River in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains at the majestic St. James Parish. Margaret Ann Jacobs, President of the National Catholic Women's League, sent the following reflection on the convention:

Alberta Mackenzie 71st Annual Provincial Convention – Okotoks, Alberta

Dear June and Members of the Alberta Mackenzie Provincial Council,

Congratulations on hosting such an amazing convention!

The facility at St. James was amazing – affording you plenty of space to set up for delegates, vendors, registration, display boards, refreshment stations and luncheons. Kudos to the amazing team who set up, welcomed members and provided for our every need.

Registration was smooth and effortless. Your badges with the colour-coded borders and event stickers attached made for an effortless ID program. This is the first convention where I’ve seen laminated voting cards with the explanation of voting privileges and status clearly identified on them. What a great idea!

Your standing committee chairpersons are to be commended for setting up such attractive display boards with current info displayed so tastefully. Certainly, I collected great hand-outs for future reference.

The Convention Program and 2017 Annual Reports as well as the Spiritual Program Booklet were easy to read and follow as well as so carefully prepared. Definitely, someone has an eye for perfection.

You provided an excellent program for your members – informative, challenging and inspiring. I know your members went home armed with a wealth of information and fresh enthusiasm. Judy Look’s workshop on “Three Cups of Tea” was a hit for me (even though I had experienced it before). It offered fresh incentive to establish relationships and build the League in a unique appealing manner. Bishop McGrattan’s use of Gaudete et Exsultate integrated with our national theme was fortuitous. It brought the papal document alive along with helping us see our place in Pope Francis’ “Genius of Women”.

Makrina Morzowski’s experience in “Canada’s C3 Expedition” was so hopeful and encouraging! No doubt her concept of ACE (Accept everyone, Challenge yourself, Encourage others) will be relayed to many members. I commend your provincial council for supporting Makrina on this trip. I can’t imagine how difficult mobility must have been for her using stabilizing crutches.

Fr. Reilander, CMIC was most informative and I know your members could clearly identify with the challenges faced by these northern missions. I add my appreciation to his for the support that your province provides for this most worthy outreach.

Your report, June, was comprehensive and very well rounded with so many opportunities realized for extending the face and work of the League in your province. Great job with the slides too.

By the organized and professional beginning of business on Saturday and the discussions I had with your standing committee chairs, I am assured your business sessions ran smoothly and that members no doubt would benefit from the information shared in the afternoon after I left.

Brava to your spiritual development chair for planning your services/reflections so carefully – they were truly spirit driven. Your memorial service for deceased members was like art in motion – very well orchestrated allowing the members the full impact of this tribute.

Of course, it was a treat to see/hear Bishop Fred Henry again. Truly the clergy, though few in number, were most affirming and encouraging.

Thank you for the generous gift card for St. Francis Retreat Centre in Cochrane. So often I’ve been tempted and now I will just have to book a retreat – when my term is done preferably.

It was a joy for me to spend time with you. The hospitality and kindness extended by your members are etched on my mind. Thank you. Alberta is truly my second home.

I am sorry that I missed the conclusion of the business and your closing Eucharist and banquet. It is evident to me that the members from Alberta Mackenzie have much to celebrate.

I commend you on your past success and extend every wish for a fruitful and rewarding 2018-19


God bless,

Margaret Ann

ABMK Provincial Conventions

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Voting delegates are the five diocesan presidents (or designates). 

Accredited delegates include: 
- all provincial officers
- two from each diocesan CWL council            
- one from each parish CWL council                 

- Honorary Life members
- Life members
**NOTE: Voting and accredited delegates are required to submit a Credential Form with their Registration (rec'd by email or post).
Calgary Diocesan attendees at 2017 Provincial CWL Convention
 Calgary Diocesan attendees at 2017 Alberta/Mackenzie Provincial CWL Convention

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