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Calgary Diocesan Council is composed of all CWL Councils in southern Alberta -- from Hanna in the north to the US border and from the Saskatchewan border in the east to the BC border in the west. The Catholic Women’s League (CWL) means different things to different women:

  • A sisterhood of support and understanding
  • A chance to live your faith with like-minded women
  • An opportunity to be of service to your community, to our country and to God
  • A way to act on important social justice issues
If you are searching for something worthwhile to make the best use of your time and talents
If you want support to live your Christian values and celebrate healthy family life

Join Us!

If your life circumstances have changed and you want to discover and explore new aspects of yourself

Join Us!

If you are new to your community or parish and are looking for a way to make friends and get involved

Join Us!

Use the links below to find a Council near you. If you're not sure, complete our Member Interest form and we will find a local council to welcome you!

New York
+1 (0) 567.899.99
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General meetings are held at 7:00 p.m on the 2nd Wednesday of the month in the church foyer.


Meetings are the first Tuesday of each month, excluding July/August.


We meet the second Tuesday of the month from September to April, and would love to have you join us!


General Meeting: third Tuesdays Sept-Nov and Jan-June at 7:45pm (after 7pm mass).

You are welcome.

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