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2017 Annual Report FAQs

Access to the reporting opened on November 1, 2017. Reports are due by December 15 so they can be forwarded to Diocesan, but reporting ability will remain open to December 31 for late reports.

Councils are to access, complete and submit their annual reports using the online electronic secure site at which is to be entered in the address bar of the URL and not in a Google search bar (or click here).

❖ Login using your user name which is your membership ID number, as indicated on your permanent membership card. Your password will be your membership ID number, followed by the first initial of your first name and the first initial of your last name. As an example, Bellelle Guerin, member ID number 7654321, would enter 7654321BG as her password.
❖ Working paper copies of the survey are available from National at .
❖ If a council does not have a chairperson, mark it as" vacant" and fill in the report for all the items that have been completed/accomplished.
❖ Reports should be printed for your records. They can also be save in a pdf or in word format. You can also forward them to anyone you want.

Do all reports for a council need to be sent from one computer at the same time?

  • No, the reports will be collated per council as they are received.


Do all council executive members have to submit their reports from the same computer?

  • No, each executive member may submit her report from the comfort of her home computer.


Do all council executive members have to submit their reports on the same day?

  • No, every executive member may choose the time and date most convenient for her.


Does this system negate the other reporting required by council treasurers in my diocese/province?

  • No, the council treasurers should still complete any other reports that you require for your own purposes.


What does the member do with the survey once she has printed it?

  • She should keep one copy for her records and give a second copy to her council secretary or president.


Will a member be able to start the survey, close it without completing it and then finish it later?

  • Yes, she may. A session may be ended at any time; the respondent should save a copy of the incomplete survey onto her computer as a PDF or Word file.
  • When she is ready to return to the survey, she MUST open the PDF or Word file and use the link in the file to reconnect to her incomplete survey. If she restarts the survey, then she will have entered data twice.


What if a member’s computer crashes in the middle of completing the survey online?

  • If the member has saved her survey as a PDF or Word file, then she may reopen the survey using the link provided in the saved file. If the member has not saved her survey, she will need to restart from the beginning.


Can a chairperson mail in the completed survey to national office and have it entered there?

  • No. If a chairperson does not have access to a computer or is not comfortable submitting her results online after reading the instructions, then the council should seek out a member, family member or friend who could enter the data on the chairperson’s behalf (e.g., the council secretary could be approached to input reports for those who cannot).


Further Information: If you have any questions pertaining to the annual reports, or run into any technical difficulties, please contact national office or 1-888-656-4040.

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