Fill the Freezer - St Pius X fundraiser

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St Pius X Catholic Women's League is offering our Annual Lenten "Fill The Freezer Fundraiser"  January 26, 2021  to February 16th, 2021. We offer restaurant quality fish, meat  and many vegetarian foods at wholesale prices.  Take this opportunity to fill your freezer with your favourites and invite friends and family to do the same. Your generous support helps contribute to the many charities supported by the St Pius X CWL.

Please order on our website using the following link:  

Orders must be placed  by Tuesday February 16, 2021.  If you are not comfortable ordering over the Internet, please call Danuta Allart at 403-289-7992 or Lionnette Williams at 403-282-7153 to place an order by phone.

Curbside pickup at St Pius X church parking lot (2424 24 Avenue NW Calgary, AB) on Thursday, March 4th, 2021, 4:30 - 5:30 pm

COVID  procedures will be adhered to.


Catholic Pastoral Centre - Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mass Readings Proclaiming the Gospel of God. Jesus is very busy in the beginning of Mark’s gospel – proclaiming, teaching, healing.  And calling others to come and follow.  The responses of Simon and Andrew, of James and John were immediate:  stopping what they were doing, leaving it all behind without hesitation – they followed him.  Stay tuned to this whole liturgical year to see where that leads. 

  • What of the good news of God is Jesus proclaiming to me today? 
  • How am I hesitating in giving Jesus Christ my immediate attention and response? 
  • What am I leaving behind, stopping doing in order to follow Jesus in more faithful ways? 

Source: Diocese of Springfield

Weekly reflections can be found at Vatican News | The Sunday Website | Sunday Connection | CCCB Reflection 
Daily and Sunday Mass Prayers & Readings: CCCB Daily Readings (pick the desired date) 

2021 Seminarians

We ask that you continue to pray for our Seminarians and for the increase of vocations in our Diocese. Here is a short prayer from Fr. Cristino: Lord Jesus Christ, eternal High Priest, lead our seminarians daily in your footsteps, that they may become priests aflame with love for God and all. Amen. St. Joseph, pray for us.

Below is the new 2021 Seminarians Poster.

Special thanks to photographer Greg Redmond. The icon of St. Joseph in the background came from Bishop McGrattan's collection.

January Edition of Faithfully

Announcements, Events & Resources

  • This Sunday (Jan 24) is the Sunday of the Word of God
    This coming Sunday, Jan 24, is the Sunday of the Word of God, devoted to the celebration, study and dissemination of the Word of God! Find ideas and resources on how to celebrate the Sunday of the Word of God at home or with your community here
  • Daily Rosary with the Sisters of Divine Mercy
    Pray the daily Rosary and the 3 PM Hour of Mercy with Sisters of Divine Mercy online. See poster for more information, or visit their website at
  • Pope prays for Indonesia
    Pope Francis expresses his condolences for victims of an earthquake that struck Indonesia Sulawesi province, as well as for the victims of a plane crash in Indonesia last week. Read more 
  • Lecture series with Dr. Kate Kirkpatrick
    The Department of Classics and Religion, University of Calgary warmly invites you to attend the upcoming virtual and free lectures to be given by the “visiting” Chair of Christian Thought Guest Speaker, Dr Kate Kirkpatrick, from the University of Oxford. See poster for more information
  • Employment opportunities at St. Michael Catholic Community
    There are two employment opportunities at St. Michael Catholic Community, for the position of Sacrament Preparation Coordinator and Communications Coordinator. For more information and application details, visit


Father Jonathan’s Thank You Note

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Dear Beloved Sisters in Christ: I have been honored to serve as a spiritual advisor for the Calgary Diocesan Catholic Women’s League for the past three years. The Gospels, especially Luke’s account, highlight the importance of women in the ministry of Jesus; the evangelist’s focus on our Lady in chapter 2, the ministry of the women to Jesus and the Apostles in chapter 8, and the witnesses to the Resurrection in Luke 24. There is a tradition that one of the unnamed disciples on the Road to Emmaus is the wife of Cleopas. As you may know, I am married to a physician, meaning that I have a special affection for this profession. This is enhanced by the Gospel from Luke, the beloved Physician, as St Paul describes him at the end of Colossians: “Luke the beloved physician greets you”. (Col 4:14). I am so appreciative for how he observes with such detail the role of women in the life of Jesus.

So too with you, his contemporary women disciples. I will miss you but know the Lord has called me to this new diocesan ministry with the Spiritual Discernment Committee. This work is to help provide pastoral care to people who are experiencing significant spiritual challenges. I look forward to helping to extend the compassion of Jesus to these ones for whom the Lord shows a special love. I know your new spiritual advisor Fr. Pilmaikén will grace your lives as you will grace his.

The Diocesan Officers have gifted me on your behalf with a certificate to the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. Peggy and I look forward to the day when we can attend a live concert!

With my love and blessings, Fr. Jonathan Gibson


St. Mark's Spring Plant Sale

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Spring Plant Sale: "Care of Our Common Home"

Beautify your home and garden! 

  • Order your planters, baskets and flowers through our St. Mark CWL event.  Order form is below. (FYI: Tomato pot size 300 POT is 1 Gallon.)
  • Before Feb. 2 - Drop off or mail order form and cheque to St. Mark CWL, 5552 Madigan Dr. NE, Calgary, AB  T2A 4P2.  Please make cheque payable to St. Mark CWL.
  • Delivery of orders will happen on May 29 (pick-up information will be sent to people ordering).  
  • If you have any questions, please contact Alice at 587-216-1679.
  • In advance, "thank you" for your continued support.

Download order form in Excel spreadsheet


IWIN and Peter Lougheed Centre ICU

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I'm Worth It Now (IWIN) is an initiative of St. Michael's parish CWL with support from several other CWL councils. 

IWIN's purpose is to raise awareness of human trafficking in Calgary and across Canada and to provide a backpack of basic necessities to survivors. The backpacks include cleansing products, clothing, PPE (face masks) and other items of hope including a journal and a handwritten note for the survivor. 

IWIN has had many generous donations, and most recently, IWIN is happy to acknowledge the ICU - Peter Lougheed Centre staff for teaming up and donating some essential items for the backpacks to survivors. The ICU staff were creative and held a 50/50 draw to add some Christmas cheer to their fundraising - they also provided a monetary donation. Speaking of "essential" IWIN also recognizes the important work the ICU staff are all doing day in and day out! Stay safe and healthy everyone!

IWIN - I'm Worth It Now



St. Mark's Fundraisers

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Every year St. Mark's CWL raises funds in order to fulfill our various commitments. This year we ask for your support in the following ways:

  1. Value Village - Collect and donate your gently used clothing, fashion accessories, linens and small household items (including small working appliances that fit in a box). Exclusions are items with expiry dates, such as baby car seats, etc. Please wear a mask and bring your bags/boxes to St. Mark's church (5552 Madigan Dr. NE) parking lot Wednesday afternoons from 1-2 pm. Dorraine (403-850-6724) will direct you to the storage area. The last day for collection is Wednesday, January 27, 2021. Thank you for contributing to our goal of 110 large bags and boxes of donated items!

    January 18 update:

    It is exciting to let you know that as we enter the last 2 weeks of our Value Village Fundraiser, thanks to your generosity, we have 74 bags of clothing and 53 boxes of household items. We are on our way to reaching our goal of 110 bags, only 36 to go!!!

    Please remember that Dorothy Hall and I will be in the Church parking lot for the next 2 Wednesday's from 1 until 2 pm to gladly receive your donations.

    Not only are we unburdening our homes of excess items, we are taking care of our world by recycling and perhaps helping someone less fortunate with some treasures.

    God Bless.
    Christian & Community life Chair

  2. Advent wreaths and candles - For sale at the Parish office, 5552 Madigan Dr. NE, phone 403-273-2266.
    - With Candles $25.00
    SMALL 18” $15.00
    - With Candles $20.00
    ADVENT CANDLES (3 purple, 1 rose) - $8.00

  3. Individual donation - If you wish to make a donation without purchase, please send a cheque to: St. Mark’s Catholic Women’s League, 5552 Madigan Dr. NE Calgary AB. T2A 4P2

"Thank you" for your support.


Restricting Online Pornography Access

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Call to Action

Bill S-203
Restricting Online Pornography Access

For many years, the League has advocated against pornography, human trafficking and exploitation of women and children. Members supported Peace River-Westlock MP Arnold Viersen's Bill M-47 in 2016 and adopted the resolution Mandatory Age Verification Mechanisms for Adult Pornographic Websites in 2017.

Last fall, Senator Julie Miville-Dechene introduced Bill S-203, An Act to restrict young persons' online access to sexually explicit material. If it passes third reading, Mr. Viersen will sponsor the bill in the House of Commons. If adopted by both chambers, it becomes an enforceable law!

Now is the time to ACT—Advocate Change Together! Our united efforts can help to end online exploitation and protect women and children. Sign petitions; and send emails, letters and Pornography Hurts postcards to Senator Miville-Dechene and your local member of parliament to support their efforts. (See Members - Forms and Resources for letter writing tips and addresses.)

The Electronic Petition is open for signatures until February 4, 2021. It takes only three minutes to sign, submit, and confirm your support in a follow-up email.

Sign and circulate "paper petitions" too! For every 30 written signatures, Mr. Viersen can speak in the House for 30 seconds. That could be significant with members’ copious signatures! Mail signed petitions to Mr. Viersen as stated on the petition. 

Download pdf copy of paper petition.


2020 Nativity Stamps

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"Keep Christ in Christmas" and all year long with this booklet of 12 PermanentTM domestic rate stamps celebrating the Nativity. 

These beautifully illustrated stamps feature Mary, Joseph, an ox and a donkey gazing in adoration at the newborn baby Jesus. Since at least the fourth century, an ox and a donkey have been included in Nativity scenes, signifying that even animals recognized the importance of Jesus’ birth.

Issue Date: November 2, 2020

Product # 114147

Source: Canada Post

Postal rates are set to rise in 2021, so stock up and use them year-round.  CWL members (and Councils) are encouraged to purchase them to ensure their continued production. Christian-themed stamps are a result of action by the Catholic Women's League of Canada - an example of successful resolutions. See our Resolutions re: Christmas Postage Stamps article for more information.

These stamps are available in outlets as well as through the Canada Post website.  Some nativity stamps from previous years are still available through the website. 


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Livestreamed Masses

  • Full schedule of Parish Livestream Masses are available at:  
  • If you are a TELUS Optik subscriber, you can watch livestream masses and prayer events in Channel 876 (choose "Diocese of Calgary" logo)
  • If you are a cable TV subscriber, you can access Salt+Light TV, Canada's Catholic network, for a nominal fee each month. Or view online at Daily TV Mass, produced by the National Catholic Broadcasting Council, is broadcast four times a day at 4:30 am, 9 am, 2 pm and 8:30 pm (MT). Check the S+L Schedule for broadcasts of Sunday Mass from the Vatican. Daily masses are also available on Shalom World TV at
  • Televised Mass is also available to those who subscribe to EWTN and Vision TV. Click on the links or their schedules


Call to Action on Critical Health Issues

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During the past months we have been given the blessing of time to contemplate what is important in our lives and in our society.  Many of us are prioritizing the importance of a health care system that cultivates a culture of care and love for people at all life stages..

This is an opportune time to use our letter-writing energy to urge our government to seriously hear our concerns about two issues:  (1)  the providing of palliative care for all Canadians who choose this option near the end of their lives; and (2) the suggested removal of safeguards to Bill C-7.

National President Anne Marie Gorman's letter to the Prime Minister is posted on the National website "Letters" page. Access it at:

We encourage everyone to contact government leaders on the following two concerns. 

  1. Palliative Care: In 2017 the Federal Government put forward the Framework on Palliative Care in Canada.   The government promised to invest $3 billion into national home care services including palliative care. Has funding been made?   How can Canadians make informed decisions about their end of life treatment when quality palliative care is readily available to only 15% of Canadians (2018 Health Canada Report)? On May 17, 2020 Zi-Ann Lum published “Will the Pandemic Finally Make Us Talk About Palliative Care?” in the Huffington Post, Canadian Edition.  I encourage you to read it if you want more information.

  2. Bill C-7, Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD):  There are concerns about removing some of the safeguards placed in the existing legislation.  First, the government is proposing to remove the mandatory 10 day waiting period before a patient can receive medically assisted death stating that the waiting period may unnecessarily prolong suffering.  Second, the government is proposing to remove the need for two witnesses. Both safeguards exist so that patients can make an informed decision about their end of life care without pressure and with appropriate verification.   Presently the Bill has undergone two readings.  There is still time to write letters and email the government to express our concerns about the removal of these safeguards.

Sample letters to the Prime Minister, Justice Minister, Health Minister and Member of Parliament are posted under Legislation Tips and Tools.  Adjust them as you wish.  See the Forms and Resources page for our letter writing guide and contact information for MPs and MLAs.

Through faith, we have a moral compass that guides our actions daily to help and protect the vulnerable in our society.  May our Lady of Good Counsel guide you as you work for God and Canada.


Wrapped in the Arms of our Mother

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The 2022 National CWL Convention is scheduled for August 14-17 in Kelowna, BC

The Convention Planning Committee is selling these pashminas as a fundraiser.


  • Price is $30 plus shipping
  • Size: 75 x 29"
  • Colors: available in black, cream and blue,
  • Cashmere - viscose/polyester blend,
  • hand washing suggested.


  • for 1 Pashmina is $5.00 (Note: If you want 2 or 3, it is less expensive to ship in individual packages @$5.00 ea) Once we get to 4, it is better to send in one package)
  • Up to 4 in box $20.00
  • 5 to 10 in box $25.00
  • 11 to 16 Pashminas in box $35.00


  • can be made by etransfer to "" (bank receipt will say Linda Nadeau) or 
  • Cheques can be made to  "2022 National CWL Convention" and mailed to:
         Diane Nadeau
         #9-1900 Ord Rd
         Kamloops, BC  V2B 0B6
 Contact Diane Nadeau



Support your Parish

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During this pandemic, our faith community needs us even more. Please remember to keep supporting your parish with weekly or recurring donations. If offering envelopes are not feasible at this time, you can support the parish through online giving, either on your parish's website or on the Diocese of Calgary website.

The online giving page on the Diocese of Calgary website allows you to set up a one-time or recurring donation to your parish. All funds donated will be transferred to the selected parish. See 


Safe Environment Policy

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The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops released a Safe Environment Policy to protect children and everyone from sexual abuse in the church: Protecting Minors from Sexual Abuse: A Call to the Catholic Faithful in Canada for Healing, Reconciliation, and Transformation. Read the document here. 

Break the cycle of silence. You can choose to talk about it and report abuse. The Diocese of Calgary has launched a Safe Environment web page. Talk to someone you trust or call the toll-free number at 1-833-547-8360.


Scams Alert

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There are many scams going around masquerading as your clergy (priests, deacons or lately, the bishop).

Please exercise caution when responding to email messages.  If you receive unusual emails, check the sender's email address to see whether it is the person’s genuine address. Even if the sender's address looks correct, always verify suspicious emails by phoning the sender. There have been many similar scams reported by several parishes in our diocese and across Canada. 

Note that these scams do not stop at emails. Those in social media should stay vigilant when responding to friend requests or to other compelling posts requiring a response. There are many fake Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts trying to impersonate people you know and our church leaders. Some scammers may take the time to build a relationship with you to gain your trust, before trying to extort money or other things like gift cards.

Please exercise vigilance when you are being charitable. Use the channels you are most familiar with and avoid becoming victims of a scam.

For samples of scam emails see Diocese of Calgary


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