Catholic Pastoral Centre - 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mass Readings  “I’m Better Than You.” Our lives are filled with all manner of put down, one upmanship, top dog behavior. When the disciples where caught in a similar conversation by Jesus, their response was silence. Perhaps, from embarrassment, even shame – especially after his teaching. He says to them and to us, be last not first, be of service, be open to receive. 

  • Who needs to be first at something this week rather than me? 
  • Whom can I serve because they need some help? 
  • Whom will I receive with joy as I would a child or grandchild?        Source: Diocese of Springfield

Weekly reflections can be found at Vatican News | The Sunday Website | Sunday Connection | CCCB Reflection
Daily and Sunday Mass Prayers & Readings: CCCB Daily Readings (pick the desired date) 

Kids Resources:

Gospel Reflection: Jesus teaches us in today’s Gospel that God does not care how popular we are. There is only one thing that is important in God’s view of us: Have we served others generously with love? (Source: Loyola Press)

 Children's Sunday Liturgy for the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Updated pandemic guidelines


The dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass continues for dioceses in the Province of Alberta. Download Decree   Updated COVID-19 temporary measures and liturgical guidelines for the Diocese of Calgary can be found at

"Alberta has declared a state of public health emergency. COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to rise, largely in unvaccinated Albertans. New measures to protect the health care system, stop the spread, and increase vaccination rates come into effect starting September 16.”

The following provincial measures are arranged according to effective dates. Diocesan guidelines are in red.

Masks and Physical Distancing - Effective Sep. 4 & 16

  • Masking and physical distancing are mandatory in all indoor public spaces and workplaces. This measure extends to places of worship as of Sep. 16.
  • Employees must mask in all indoor work settings, except while alone in work stations.

Places of Worship Effective Thursday, Sep. 16

  • Capacity limited to 1/3 fire code occupancy.
  • Masks are mandatory.
  • 2 metres physical distancing between households, or 2 close contacts for those living alone. 

Liturgical Guidelines on Mass

  • Each parish will determine the manner by which attendance is managed either with a first-come, first-served approach and locking doors when the capacity limit is reached or by resuming online registration. 
    • No contact tracing information is to be collected
  • The use of masks is required in all public facilities of the parishes and diocesan facilities. 
    • Exceptions cited by the government will be followed.
    • Priests, deacons, and lectors must always wear the mask unless speaking and proclaiming.
    • Altar servers,Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, the cantor, and instrumentalists/musicians must wear masks at all times.
  •  2-metres physical distancing required between households, or 2 close contacts for those living alone.
  • Congregational singing is suspended at this time.
    • Only one (1) cantor/soloist is allowed.
    • The cantor/soloist must wear the mask while singing/chanting and must be located away from the congregation and the instrumentalists/musicians.
      • The use of the mask is required when singing/chanting since this activity tends to project more spray/mist of respiratory droplets or aerosol. 
    • Singing by the cantor/soloist will be limited to the following
      • Entrance antiphon or unfamiliar hymn
      • Preparation of the altar
      • Communion
      • Recessional
    • Instrumental music may replace singing.
      • Entrance antiphon or unfamiliar hymn
      • Preparation of the altar
      • Communion
      • Recessional
    • The offertory procession will not resume at this time to avoid unnecessary contact with the vessels. Its resumption will be decided by the end of October 2021.

Distribution of Holy Communion 

  • Priests/deacons/extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion must wear the mask during the distribution of Holy Communion. Hands must be sanitized prior to the distribution.
  • Mask use is mandatory for all the faithful. Parishioners who are not able to wear a mask for medical reasons can be exempt from this regulation except when receiving Holy Communion. All parishioners must wear masks when lining up for the distribution of Holy Communion, including those receiving Communion on the tongue or a “blessing.”  
  • The communicant removes the mask in front of the priest / deacon / Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion to receive Communion and must put it back on after consuming the consecrated host. 
  • Communion is only given under one species –the consecrated host.
  • Communion on the tongue continues to be offered. 
  • If the Ordinary/Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion comes in contact with the Communicant in the distribution, please sanitize hands with a quick-drying, alcohol-based hand sanitizer before continuing to distribute Holy Communion.  
  • The Precious Blood will only be available to the celebrant and concelebrants. 
    • Concelebrants should receive by self-intinction from a separate chalice if there are more than one. 
  • For a single concelebrant, he may partake of the precious blood by drinking from the separate chalice and purifying it himself.

Indoor Social Gatherings - Effective Thursday, Sep. 16

  • Vaccinated: Indoor private social gatherings are limited to a single household plus one other household to a maximum of 10 vaccine-eligible, vaccinated people and no restrictions on children under 12.
  • Unvaccinated: Indoor social gatherings are not permitted for vaccine-eligible people who are unvaccinated.  
  • Diocesan Guidelines on Social Gatherings
    • The Diocese cannot require the identification of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, thus in order to protect the most vulnerable, no social gatherings in parish halls and facilities.
    • In-person meetings and faith-based meetings, which are not social gatherings, are allowed to continue with attendance limited to 1/3 of the room’s fire code occupancy, i.e. council meetings, RCIA, sacrament preparation, support groups, etc. 
      • Masks must be worn at all times.

Outdoor Social Gatherings - Effective Thursday, Sep. 16

  • Outdoor private social gatherings limited to a maximum of 200 people, with 2 metre physical distancing at all times.

Weddings and Funerals – Effective Monday, Sep. 20

  • Indoor wedding ceremonies and funeral services are permitted with up to 50 people or 50% of fire code occupancy, whichever is less.
  • Indoor wedding and funeral receptions are prohibited, unless the hosting facility implements the restrictions exemption program. 
  • Diocesan Guidelines
    • Masks are mandatory.
    • No receptions in parish halls and facilities.

How can faith and politics meet in today's world?

Some resources to help guide the faithful for the upcoming Federal Election this Monday:

  • As Canadians return to the polls once again, former politician John Milloy spoke with Salt + Light Media’s Benjamin Boivin about his experience as a Catholic politician. In this interview he offers a perspective on the relationship between faith and today's political realities from a politician's point of view. Read the interview here. 
  • Not sure who to vote for next Monday? Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Toronto, a ShareLife-funded organization, has produced this insightful guide highlighting Catholic Social Teaching on human dignity, poverty, Indigenous issues, health care, the environment and other issues. Read the guide here:  
  • Brendan Steven of joins Deacon Eric Gurash and Dr. Brett Salkeld (Archdiocese of Regina) and discuss the role of Catholic voters and the need for deep discernment in the upcoming Canadian federal election. Show Snippet: "I want more Catholics to learn more about Catholic Social Teaching, blown away you will be about the consequences of Christ's love for all his people, and the way that manifests in how the Church teaches how we live in community with one another."  Listen to podcast 
  • Pray for our nation in this time of discernment, election, and transition: May all citizens cast their vote in a spirit of reverence for this right, charity for those they disagree with, and concern for the good of all as we strive for a more perfect and peaceful union.      Prayer source: Diana Macalintal

Support Fr. Marek & St. Joseph's Parish Team

Fr. Marek Paczka, SDS of St. Joseph's Parish in Calgary is excited to work with his parish team and raise money for Elizabeth House through The Ride for Refuge. Fr. Marek will be holding the outdoor waffle weekend (waffles after Masses at St. Joseph's garden), a fundraising event for Elizabeth House. A few parishioners have also registered under the parish team and started fundraising on their own to help reach the goal. Today they have raised 50% of their $2,000 goal for Elizabeth House. St. Joseph's Parish invites the bigger community in the Diocese to help them achieve their goal:

Feed the Hungry Garden

A message from John Holmes, Feed the Hungry Garden Volunteer Coordinator:

Our Feed the Hungry (FTH) Garden at the Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre has matured and survived  the most difficult growing season in recent memory! Throughout August we have been picking zucchini and thinning the beets, and have delivered 323 kg (711lbs) of vegetables to the Food Bank. Recent rain falls should fill out our potato and carrot crops so we can now plan to complete the harvest our garden.  

A heat spell and drought which started on July 11 continued through to August 17 destroyed many crops throughout southern Alberta. Although this dry spell delayed development of some of our vegetables, others thrived! Zucchini and beets flourished and produced over 300 kg of early vegetables for the Food Bank. Our Russet potatoes which are a 'late' variety are just filling out now and benefitted from 45 mm of rain which fell on August 16/17. Over all I expect this garden will produce over 1000 kg this year which considering the growing conditions is absolutely amazing! Thank you to all volunteers who planted, weeded, hilled and thinned these vegetables thus enabling this garden to survive under such harsh conditions! 

Employment opportunity

Last week to apply for Family and Youth Ministry Coordinator (full time) at All Saints, Lethbridge

For more information and job application details, please visit

Announcements & Resources

  • Pope Francis tackles debate over Communion for politicians who support abortion | Answering questions aboard the papal plane from Bratislava, Slovakia, to Rome on Sept. 15, the pope said that abortion ends a human life and that human life must be respected. Pope Francis said Wednesday that the Catholic Church is firm in its stance on abortion because “abortion is murder,” and urged priests to be pastoral rather than political when faced with the question of who can receive Communion. Read more
  • Pope to young people in Slovakia: dream fearlessly
    Pope Francis meets with young people in Slovakia at the Košice Lokomotiva Stadium and answers three of their questions, on love for each other and love for the cross. "Whenever someone embraces us, we regain confidence in ourselves and in life.  So let us allow ourselves to be embraced by Jesus." Read more
  • 5 reasons your parish should have a bereavement ministry
    If your parish is hoping to meet people where they are, then implementing a bereavement ministry program is a good starting point. Here are five reasons to include bereavement ministry, or grief ministry, in your parish. Read more
  • Haitians remain ‘people of hope’
    Despite earthquake and political turmoil, a Felician sister says Haitians remain people of hope. "It is a troubling reality for Haitians that their struggle seems to be brought to wider attention only in the aftermath of catastrophes like the August earthquake." Sister Marilyn and other Felician sisters began working in Haiti in response to the devastation it experienced in 2010. They have been providing medical, social and employment assistance ever since. Read more
  • What a 9/11 fireman found burned into steel
    While many stories of courage and grace have been shared about 9/11, a new story has emerged that most people probably haven’t heard before – and it involves the Bible. It wasn’t just any page of the Bible, it part of the Sermon on the Mount. And while most of the page was marred, right in the middle one of the only parts still clearly readable was Christ’s radical teaching on retaliation. Read more
  • Sometimes saying sorry just isn’t enough
    Chances are that you can remember a time you hurt someone through your actions. Maybe it was just missing something important to them, or letting your words slip to someone else, but whatever you did cost them something. And when your mistakes lead to someone in your life losing something, saying you’re sorry just isn’t enough.  Fr. Mike Schmitz explains why we have to ask people for forgiveness and not just say we’re sorry. Watch video
  • When my friend cussed in front of Mother Teresa
    Chirs Stefanick: "Imagine what would happen if you cussed in front of ... I don’t know, say ... Mother Teresa of Calcutta. I have a friend who did just that! And what happened gives you an insight into one of the great souls of modern times, whose feast day was this past week on Sept. 5." Read more


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A message from 40 Days for Life:

Pray with 40 Days for Life (40 DFL), the largest pro-life organization in the world, coordinating 40-day campaigns to end the injustice of abortion through local prayers and fasting, community outreach and peaceful vigils in front of abortion businesses. Calgary has been leading these 40 DFL campaigns for more than a decade. We invite you to get involved by leading the campaign at your Parish. The fall campaign runs from Sep. 22 to Oct. 31. If you are interested, please get in touch with us.

  • The fall campaign will kick-off on Sep. 13 at 8 pm MST via videoconference with guest speaker Sue Thayer, Director of Outreach for 40 Days for Life Head Quarters. She is the founder and former director of Cornerstone for Life Pregnancy Resource Center. Sue has truly come full circle and is proof that God can save and use anyone. Videoconference will be through Zoom with meeting ID: 403 472 3905 no password required.
  • Vigil location: Abortion "Kensington Clinic" at 2431 5 Ave NW, Calgary, AB. Vigil hours 7 am to 7 pm. To join the vigil, 403-870-3905 or email  
  • Download flyer here


Do something awesome...

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CORPUS CHRISTI Catholic Women’s League is fundraising with Purdys Chocolatier, just in time for Christmas!

If you’d like to support us by purchasing some very sweet Christmas gifts for friends, family (and yourself), just go to and join group (campaign) 54580.

Check it out by signing in with your email address and a password that you choose; there is no obligation to order. After you sign in, you can browse through the amazing selection of chocolates available, and see how we are progressing with our goal.  If you do decide you want one or more of these great products, order and pay by November 13th, 2021 and pick up at Corpus Christi Parish Hall between 3:00 and 4:30 pm on Nov 27th. This gives you time to ship Christmas gifts to family and friends across the county!

If you prefer to pay by e-transfer, cheque or cash, just give your order form and payment to us, and we will process it for you.  Download catalogue (pdf format). Download order form.


Textile / Clothing Drive Sept 27 - Oct 4

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Corpus Christi CWL is once again offering its popular Textile / Clothing recycling Drive from September 27 to October 4.

Clean out your closets and save your unwanted items for our textile drive.

We can accept

  • wearable, gently worn clothing
  • useable shoes (in pairs), belts and handbags
  • useable household textiles: curtains, towels, bedding, table linens, etc.
  • soft toys

Read more ...

Holy Spirit Book Sale

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Holy Spirit CWL is delighted to once again hold our popular Used Book Sale on Saturday, Sep. 18 from 9 am to 3 pm. Funds raised support scholarships and educational opportunities. All books are 50¢ each.

NOTE: The sale will be conducted in a pandemic-compliant manner: outdoors and tables spaced far apart. Masking is required.

You are invited to drop off your gently used books at Holy Spirit Catholic Church (10827 24 Street SW) beginning August 15. Note: Please NO textbooks, encyclopedias or magazines. 


Residential Schools

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Digging for the truth about Canada's Residential School graves 

The resources below are now shared on the Diocesan website (frontpage):

In this special three-part series, C2C Journal writer Hymie Rubenstein sorts through the heated claims and allegations and sets forth what is actually known about the unmarked graves at Canada’s former Indian Residential Schools.

  • When disturbing evidence is unearthed that points to malfeasance by individuals, organizations or entire countries, it is understandable that feelings would run high among the aggrieved parties. But are unrestrained emotionalism, exaggeration and wild accusation the proper responses for politicians, experts, commentators and the population at large? How does this help a nation get at the truth, pursue justice or settle accounts – let alone move the parties along the path of forgiveness and reconciliation? Read Part One
  • The reported discovery of unmarked graves at former Indian Residential Schools confirmed what many Canadians thought they already knew about this now-discredited system. But how much of this foundational knowledge is actually true? Did “all” Indigenous children attend residential schools? Were they forced to go? Was this done over the objections of their parents and chiefs? How did the buried students die? And what, in turn, was the system’s real purpose? In Part Two of this special three-part series, Hymie Rubenstein digs deep into the historical record in the search for answers to these difficult questions. Read Part Two

New webinar series on Residential Schools

The Archdiocese of Edmonton hosted a webinar series on the history of residential schools, the TRC, and the long road towards healing and Reconciliation. The video is presented by Archbishop Richard Smith of the Edmonton Archdiocese, as well as Metis Deacon John Brown, Archbishop of Toronto Cardinal Thomas Collins, as well as Neil McCarthy, Director of Communications for the Toronto Archdiocese.

Siksika Nation Chief and Council meet with Bishop McGrattan

Press release: Siksika Nation Chief and Council meet with Bishop McGrattan
. "Siksika Nation Chief and Council invited Bishop William McGrattan and Delegation from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary to meet on August 9, 2021 at Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park to establish ways to rectify the relationship between Siksika Nation and the Catholic Church who have a long-standing history together that includes Indian Residential Schools (IRS) as well as a devoted following comprised of Siksika Nation members." Read full Siksika Nation press release

Witness of Charity

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Written in clear and plain English for the person-in-the-pew, Witness of Charity is both a study of the true meaning of Christian love and a rallying cry for all Christians to wake up, be alert, understand, and live out the faith we profess. Keeping things in perspective, the author, applies realistic explanations and conclusions providing an enduring testament to the power of true Christian love; as a result of reading this book, you will receive the necessary foundational tools to navigate life’s complexities and become a faithful witness of charity!

"It is my desire that you will use this work to spread the important message of true Christian charity that is so desperately needed in our world."
 ~ Bishop William T. McGrattan

"This little book, Witness of Charity ... brings 'fresh eyes' to some of our basic teachings on charity."
~ Bishop Emeritus F. B. Henry

Foreword by Bishop Emeritus F. B. Henry

Book Reflection by Fr. Dan Gurnick ofm:

St Mary's Cathedral CWL council is offering this book for sale until the end of 2021. Email / E-transfer $20 to:

Download poster


Call to Action on Critical Health Issues

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During the past months we have been given the blessing of time to contemplate what is important in our lives and in our society.  Many of us are prioritizing the importance of a health care system that cultivates a culture of care and love for people at all life stages..

This is an opportune time to use our letter-writing energy to urge our government to seriously hear our concerns about two issues:  (1)  the providing of palliative care for all Canadians who choose this option near the end of their lives; and (2) the suggested removal of safeguards to Bill C-7.

National President Anne Marie Gorman's letter to the Prime Minister is posted on the National website "Letters" page. Access it at:

We encourage everyone to contact government leaders on the following two concerns. 

  1. Palliative Care: In 2017 the Federal Government put forward the Framework on Palliative Care in Canada.   The government promised to invest $3 billion into national home care services including palliative care. Has funding been made?   How can Canadians make informed decisions about their end of life treatment when quality palliative care is readily available to only 15% of Canadians (2018 Health Canada Report)? On May 17, 2020 Zi-Ann Lum published “Will the Pandemic Finally Make Us Talk About Palliative Care?” in the Huffington Post, Canadian Edition.  I encourage you to read it if you want more information.

  2. Bill C-7, Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD):  There are concerns about removing some of the safeguards placed in the existing legislation.  First, the government is proposing to remove the mandatory 10 day waiting period before a patient can receive medically assisted death stating that the waiting period may unnecessarily prolong suffering.  Second, the government is proposing to remove the need for two witnesses. Both safeguards exist so that patients can make an informed decision about their end of life care without pressure and with appropriate verification.   Presently the Bill has undergone two readings.  There is still time to write letters and email the government to express our concerns about the removal of these safeguards.

Sample letters to the Prime Minister, Justice Minister, Health Minister and Member of Parliament are posted under Legislation Tips and Tools.  Adjust them as you wish.  See the Forms and Resources page for our letter writing guide and contact information for MPs and MLAs.

Through faith, we have a moral compass that guides our actions daily to help and protect the vulnerable in our society.  May our Lady of Good Counsel guide you as you work for God and Canada.


Support your Parish

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During this pandemic, our faith community needs us even more. Please remember to keep supporting your parish with weekly or recurring donations. If offering envelopes are not feasible at this time, you can support the parish through online giving, either on your parish's website or on the Diocese of Calgary website.

The online giving page on the Diocese of Calgary website allows you to set up a one-time or recurring donation to your parish. All funds donated will be transferred to the selected parish. See or go directly to


Safe Environment Policy

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The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops released a Safe Environment Policy to protect children and everyone from sexual abuse in the church: Protecting Minors from Sexual Abuse: A Call to the Catholic Faithful in Canada for Healing, Reconciliation, and Transformation. Read the document here. 

Break the cycle of silence. You can choose to talk about it and report abuse. The Diocese of Calgary has launched a Safe Environment web page. Talk to someone you trust or call the toll-free number at 1-833-547-8360.


Scams Alert

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There are many scams going around masquerading as your clergy (priests, deacons or lately, the bishop).

Please exercise caution when responding to email messages.  If you receive unusual emails, check the sender's email address to see whether it is the person’s genuine address. Even if the sender's address looks correct, always verify suspicious emails by phoning the sender. There have been many similar scams reported by several parishes in our diocese and across Canada. 

Note that these scams do not stop at emails. Those in social media should stay vigilant when responding to friend requests or to other compelling posts requiring a response. There are many fake Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts trying to impersonate people you know and our church leaders. Some scammers may take the time to build a relationship with you to gain your trust, before trying to extort money or other things like gift cards.

Please exercise vigilance when you are being charitable. Use the channels you are most familiar with and avoid becoming victims of a scam.

For samples of scam emails see Diocese of Calgary


Diocese of Calgary news

For news and events within the Catholic Diocese of Calgary please visit the website for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary. Check for employment opportunities at