Catholic Pastoral Centre - 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Reflections can be found here:  
Vatican News | The Sunday Website | Sunday Connection | CCCB Reflection (UPDATED) 

Daily and Sunday Mass Prayers & Readings in PDF: Living With Christ (each date is clickable


#ChipinforKids and help Elizabeth House & Feed the Hungry

The Shaw Charity Classic helps hundreds of thousands of children and youth across Alberta every year access much needed services provided by organizations such as Elizabeth House and Feed the Hungry.

While we can’t physically come together this year for the Shaw Charity Classic, we are honoured to be participating charities with Shaw Birdies for Kids’ #ChipinforKids initiative presented by AltaLink. The real winners of the Shaw Charity Classic have always been the hundreds of thousands of children and youth across Alberta who rely on charitable organizations for support with food security, healthcare, mental wellness, and much more.

How to participate from your smartphone?

  • #ChipinforKids for Elizabeth House by texting KIDS088 to 30333 and Shaw will match your donation. Download Graphic
  • #ChipinforKids for Feed the Hungry by texting KIDS092 to 30333 and Shaw will match your donation. Download Graphic

If you text a donation to the Chip In For Kids number, Shaw will match your donation until August 30, 2020. In addition, Shaw Charity Classic will match both donations, up to an additional 50%. Your $10 donation can grow to a donation of $30 for either Elizabeth House or Feed the Hungry. Thank you for your support!



Resources for Parents & Youth Ministry

Here are some resources shared by the Office of Pastoral Ministry which might be helpful for families with youth:

‘The future is in your hearts and in your hands. God is entrusting to you the task, at once difficult and uplifting, of working with Him in the building of the civilization of love’. ~ St. John Pail II, Evening Vigil with Young People N. 4, Apostolic Voyage, Toronto 2002

Today’s youth live in a world that offers them different possibilities through digital means; however, loneliness has become a big characteristic of the youth. We are called to be there for them and accompany them in the search of true happiness which can be only found in Jesus Christ. As leaders you are called to help the youth encounter the person of Jesus. Today’s youth is in need of respect, trust, love and encouragement. Create an environment where they can experience the love, peace and hope found in Jesus.

Become that helping hand that will help the youth grow closer to God. Here are some handy resources for ministering to the youth:

  • Project YM -  
    Resources to help Catholic youth ministry thrive. Project YM hosts ProjectYM Live, weekly 90 minutes online event where young people and their parish ministers play games, tackle core questions about life and faith, dive into discussion within small groups and pray together.
  • serves catechists and catechetical leaders in parish religious education and formation programs, as well as religion teachers in Catholic schools and parents.
  • The Diocese of Westminster Youth Ministry
    The Diocese of Westminster Youth Ministry provides handy resources for youth worker or leader, or young person who want to start a ministry with ideas for activities, games, prayers.
  • The Center for Ministry Development
    The Center for Ministry Development promotes the development of ministry and catechesis with youth and families through leadership formation, service learning, and resources rooted in Catholic tradition and Scripture.
  • Catholic Apostolate Centre
    Youth Ministry resources provided by the Catholic Apostolate Centre is a ministry of the Society of the Catholic Apostolate (Pallotines).
  • Busted Halo -
    Ministry resources from Busted Halo, a unique media resource that utilizes a relevant and accessible voice to help young people (and everyone) understand the Catholic faith, put it into practice in their everyday lives, and share it with others.
  • Vcat 
    Vcat is a program from the Diocese of Wheeling, Charleston - providing Video Catechism for Teens. Their videos are relevant, focused on God's Love and driven by the Catechism of the Catholic Church. They provide monthly video and discussion guide for Catechetical leaders, teachers and youth ministers.

Forums / Youth Ministry Organizations in Canada and the US:




Resources Worth Sharing

  1. 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time - NEW Bulletin Shorts, free to use 
    Mass Readings |  Kyrie, Eleison.  Isaiah reminds us today, in our time of trouble: Observe what is right, do what is just. Even with outsiders. Jesus, today, is in lands foreign to the People of Israel. Although he first ignores her, he helps the foreign woman calling to him in her need. Kyrie, eleison. He hears and acts. The Lord does have mercy. 
    • Who are on the outs with me; how can I show them kindness? 
    • How will I act in right and just ways this week? 
    • Because God constantly shows mercy to me, how will I be merciful? 
      (Source: Diocese of Springfield)
  2. An international association of Catholic Exorcists has published a new manual on the practice of exorcism, and it’s being made available to the general public. That’s not to say that the association is encouraging the general public to begin performing deliverances. Quite the opposite. The International Association of Exorcists insists that exorcisms be done only by priests who are authorized by their bishops. Read more
  3. Fulfill your role as godparent even when you live far away from your godchild | It’s never too late to establish the ties and build this important relationship. We are not mere witnesses at the baptism: we have given our word. And we were serious. Even if after several years we have barely done anything with our godchild/godchildren, it is never too late to do what is right. Read more
  4. Marital prayer changed everything | Nearly three decades ago this week, Father Arthur told my new wife and me, as we knelt before the altar at St. Iraneaus Church in Cypress, California, to pray together every day. Nearly three decades later, I feel like I’m finally doing what he asked. And discovering that marital prayer — just the two of us, talking out loud to God — is what my marriage needed, badly. Read Tom Hoopes' story here
  5. Gossiping vs. Venting| Fr.Josh answers questions on the sin of gossip, and how we will be judged by God based on how we used our time, talent, and treasure here on earth. Listen to the Podcast



Bakeless Bake Sale

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St. Mary's (Brooks) reports that this unique fundraiser was a huge success. They are sharing their Bakeless Bake Sale Poem and invite you to adopt it for your council's use; or to modify the wording as you wish. They placed the poem and pre-labeled envelopes in the pews for all mass times, which made it easy for parishioners to place their donations in the collection basket.

Consider stating the intention of the proceeds, as it may attract more participation and increase the amount of individual donations. e.g. Proceeds will support the roof upgrade on the church, the CWL's child sponsorship through Chalice, etc.

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."  ~ Acts 20:35


Does your Council have a successful FUNdraiser idea to share? Login and post it on our Forum so others can discuss it with you or send it to Communications or Webmaster to add to the website. 


Children resources for anti-racism, diversity & social injustices

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Find saint activities and prayers appropriate for children which highlight anti-racism, diversity, discrimination and social injustices. Download here.


You are kind of a big deal

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Watch this inspiring short video from Chris Stefanick of Real Life CatholicYou’re small in this world, but spiritually, you’re massive! Can an ocean love, a mountain know, or a galaxy chose to change directions? No, but you can. And you’ll still be around long after all this has passedWatch on YouTube


Call to Action on Critical Health Issues

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During the past months we have been given the blessing of time to contemplate what is important in our lives and in our society.  Many of us are prioritizing the importance of a health care system that cultivates a culture of care and love for people at all life stages..

This is an opportune time to use our letter-writing energy to urge our government to seriously hear our concerns about two issues:  (1)  the providing of palliative care for all Canadians who choose this option near the end of their lives; and (2) the suggested removal of safeguards to Bill C-7.

National President Anne Marie Gorman's letter to the Prime Minister is posted on the National website "Letters" page. Access it at:

We encourage everyone to contact government leaders on the following two concerns. 

  1. Palliative Care: In 2017 the Federal Government put forward the Framework on Palliative Care in Canada.   The government promised to invest $3 billion into national home care services including palliative care. Has funding been made?   How can Canadians make informed decisions about their end of life treatment when quality palliative care is readily available to only 15% of Canadians (2018 Health Canada Report)? On May 17, 2020 Zi-Ann Lum published “Will the Pandemic Finally Make Us Talk About Palliative Care?” in the Huffington Post, Canadian Edition.  I encourage you to read it if you want more information.

  2. Bill C-7, Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD):  There are concerns about removing some of the safeguards placed in the existing legislation.  First, the government is proposing to remove the mandatory 10 day waiting period before a patient can receive medically assisted death stating that the waiting period may unnecessarily prolong suffering.  Second, the government is proposing to remove the need for two witnesses. Both safeguards exist so that patients can make an informed decision about their end of life care without pressure and with appropriate verification.   Presently the Bill has undergone two readings.  There is still time to write letters and email the government to express our concerns about the removal of these safeguards.

Sample letters to the Prime Minister, Justice Minister, Health Minister and Member of Parliament are posted under Legislation Tips and Tools.  Adjust them as you wish.  See the Forms and Resources page for our letter writing guide and contact information for MPs and MLAs.

Through faith, we have a moral compass that guides our actions daily to help and protect the vulnerable in our society.  May our Lady of Good Counsel guide you as you work for God and Canada.


Marriage Preparation

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Following the current recommendations around group gatherings, Catholic Family Services will be delivering each Marriage Preparation weekend virtually through Zoom. When group gatherings are deemed safe again, they will return to in-person sessions. All couples who register for the virtual delivery of Marriage Prep will receive their workbooks in the mail and will be supported in the use of video conference. If there are any further questions, please contact Stephen Robinson. For more information, visit


Wrapped in the Arms of our Mother

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The 2022 National CWL Convention is scheduled for August 14-17 in Kelowna, BC

The Convention Planning Committee is selling these pashminas as a fundraiser.


  • Price is $30 plus shipping
  • Size: 75 x 29"
  • Colors: available in cream and blue,
  • Cashmere wool blend,
  • hand washing suggested.

Contact Diane Nadeau


Creating a Sunday Horarium

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This global pandemic has disrupted our usual Sunday observances from gathering for the celebration of the eucharist and visiting loved ones, to sharing meals and playing games together. Creating a domestic horarium can help you and your family mark the Lord's day and stay grounded in your Christian identity in this time of flux. (S. Brosig, March 2020).


Resources from the Diocese

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In light of the reintroduction of the public celebration of Holy Mass as early as June 1, 2020 in all the Latin Rite Dioceses in Alberta, the Diocese is compelled to provide clergy, parish staff and volunteers with as much resources as possible to support them in this major undertaking. It is important for clergy and staff to recognize that the safety of everyone is imperative and that there may be a need to scale back on what is being offered especially in the early phases in order to assure that the guidelines are observed for the dignity of the holy liturgy and the wellbeing of all people.

  1. Resource Page for the Reintroduction of the Public Celebration of Holy Mass:

  2. Livestream Masses
  3. Community Support & Resources on COVID-19, mental health and education (parent resources) are now available at:
  4. Podcasts
  5. St Francis Xavier Chaplaincy   Fr. Cristino's weekly reflections on Facebook.
  6. Watch Masses on Television  (please share with those who don't have internet)
    • Salt + Light TV (Daily at 4:30 & 9:00 am, 1 & 8:30 pm, with Shaw, Bell, Telus, Rogers etc.) 
    • EWTN (Daily at 6 & 10 am, 5 & 10 pm, with Shaw or Telus)
    • Vision TV (Daily at 6 & 10 am, with Shaw, Bell, Telus,  Broadcast)
    • Starting July 5 TELUS Optik TV Channel 876 is providing livestream from our Diocese

      • To access the livestream, go to Channel 876 after you turn on TELUS Optik TV, and select the Diocese of Calgary tile with the left/right arrows on the remote control. A schedule image will be shown when no livestream is taking place, or a live video during active livestream schedule. Click the OK button one more time to expand to full screen video. 
      • Here is the updated schedule of livestream Masses in TELUS Optik TV Channel 876. Note that St. Peter's Calgary and St. Francis Xavier Chaplaincy are no longer able to participate. 

  7. Online Self Help for Mental Health from Catholic Family Services (CFS) Stressed out? Feeling depressed or lost? Or maybe someone you know is struggling. When life is giving us hardship, sometimes the best place to turn is inward. CFS's online self-help tools are available 24/7. Get resources.
  8. Free eBook (PDF) "Catholicism in the time of Coronavirus" by Word on Fire This new eBook from Word on Fire Institute Fellow Dr. Stephen Bullivant is an insightful and encouraging analysis of the coronavirus, shedding light not only on the Church’s present moment or similar crises of the past but also on the immediate future. This eBook is a unique roadmap for this challenging time, one that will help to bring clarity, focus, and energy to Catholics everywhere. Download here.
  9. Guide: The Technophobe's Guide to Leading Virtual Bible Study   Running an in-person Bible study or small group can be intimidating enough, never mind trying to conduct a group virtually. If you’re considering hosting a group, but have no idea where to start, this step-by-step guide is for you. For the technophobes out there—you know who you are—your first virtual Bible study group is only five steps away. Read more.
  10. Tips: Catholic teacher offers homeshooling tips for parents  Due to physical distancing protocols, parents confined to their homes now find themselves challenged to meet so many responsibilities. With plenty of time left until the end of the school year and to help keep focus strong, it is worth considering (or revisiting) some sensible points that can help parents effectively encourage their child(ren)’s academic success, while keeping a sane, loving and faith-filled atmosphere in the home. Read tips. 
  11. Pope Francis Minute - the animated series There are many different ways of talking about the Catholic faith to your children. Catholic Link created cartoons to bring Pope Francis' words to young children, a creative collaboration of artists and writer of 16 different countries. These videos were produced in 2013-2016, but still a joy to watch now. Only 4 minutes long each. Watch now.
  12. A working list of resources to assist in the work ministering to families and engaged or married couples during these uncertain times. Get resources.
  13. More resources (prayers, community, COVID-19, learning at home etc.) are compiled here. The list is updated regularly. 



Support your Parish

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During this pandemic, our faith community needs us even more. Please remember to keep supporting your parish with weekly or recurring donations. As offering envelopes are not feasible at this time, you can support the parish through online giving, either on your parish's website or on the Diocese of Calgary website.

The online giving page on the Diocese of Calgary website allows you to set up a one-time or recurring donation to your parish. All funds donated will be transferred to the selected parish. See 


Safe Environment Policy

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The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops released a Safe Environment Policy to protect children and everyone from sexual abuse in the church: Protecting Minors from Sexual Abuse: A Call to the Catholic Faithful in Canada for Healing, Reconciliation, and Transformation. Read the document here. 

Break the cycle of silence. You can choose to talk about it and report abuse. The Diocese of Calgary has launched a Safe Environment web page. Talk to someone you trust or call the toll-free number at 1-833-547-8360.


Scams Alert

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There are many scams going around masquerading as your clergy (priests, deacons or lately, the bishop).

Please exercise caution when responding to email messages.  If you receive unusual emails, check the sender's email address to see whether it is the person’s genuine address. Even if the sender's address looks correct, always verify suspicious emails by phoning the sender. There have been many similar scams reported by several parishes in our diocese and across Canada. 

Note that these scams do not stop at emails. Those in social media should stay vigilant when responding to friend requests or to other compelling posts requiring a response. There are many fake Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts trying to impersonate people you know and our church leaders. Some scammers may take the time to build a relationship with you to gain your trust, before trying to extort money or other things like gift cards.

Please exercise vigilance when you are being charitable. Use the channels you are most familiar with and avoid becoming victims of a scam.

For samples of scam emails see Diocese of Calgary


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