Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Please pray:

  • For the Church, that the followers of Jesus in all nations will work to make their lands places of God’s love, justice and peace.
  • For the people of Canada, that through justice and healing, and being united in the love of God and neighbour, we may become ambassadors of peace and reconciliation.
  • For all those without a home, community, country, or their inherent rights respected, may God come to their aid and move the hearts of all those who can assist them.
  • For the people of Canada, may our work toward justice and healing for unity in love of God and neighbour be blessed
  • For the Papal Visit to Canada this July. May the journey serve as a moment of healing and reconciliation for Indigenous Elders, knowledge keepers, residential school survivors and all those working on the path of truth and understanding,


Diocesan Synod Synthesis Report

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Over 500 small groups shared what was most important and urgent in their hearts during the Synod listening sessions. Bishop McGrattan highlights the themes found in the responses: "There were many challenges that surfaced during these listening sessions but there was one overwhelming concern which was voiced, and that was for families, youth and children in the life of the faith community."  


Read the report


Holy Spirit CWL Craft Sale

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Crafters can contact

  • Mary Kuntz by email or call/text 403 700 6874
  • Gail Poshtar by email or call/text 403 803 6543


Papal Visit

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Download brochure

See the schedule at


Synodal Celebration June 4th

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Diocesan Synodal Celebration

On June 4th, members of the Calgary Diocese were invited to share experiences of the “Synod on Synodality” from across the Diocese. 

It is estimated that 2400 individuals from 56 parishes, 8 lay associations, and 5 school districts participated in sessions where they listened to each other share their experiences of how they have journeyed with others in their faith.

The Catholic Women's League was the most numerous group of participants.   About 100 CWL members participated in the 5 League listening sessions offered through Zoom and during regional meetings in March and April. 

The Diocese synthesized all responses into five main themes:  longing for acknowledgement from the church; the importance of the Church in welcoming, encountering and listening to others; a desire for stronger faith formation through catechesis opportunities within the Church; intentional efforts to connect with families and youth at all stages of life; and the importance of evangelization through the witness given by priests and other members.  The responses from the League sessions alone will be available to us at a future date.

The overwhelming response at the celebration was how honored the laity of the diocese felt to be given a platform to share their faith journey in the church.  Consensus was that the results of the synod listening sessions must carry forward to initiate changes in the way we as Catholics respond to each other. For who is the Church but you and I.


Walk with Mary

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From August 22 - September 26th, 2022, St Mary's Cathedral CWL is hosting another Bible study series guided by Father Julian Studden :  "A Biblical Walk with the Blessed Mother Mary" by Edward Sri. Visit to learn more! (NOTE: prices shown on this website are USD and do not include shipping or GST - please see below for accurate Canadian pricing.)

Please join our faithful Bible study group on this wonderful walk with Our Blessed Mother Mary.

Cost:  $45 CDN includes GST and shipping, Book with study guide and 1 year online video access.

Contact Carol Noronha () or Sharon Bernard (403-991-0804)

  • Cheque payable to St. Mary's Cathedral CWL 
  • E-transfer to

Registration Deadline :  July 31st

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Hike for Life

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Calgary Pro-Life Association is grateful for the support they received during last year's Virtual Hike for Life celebrating more than 40 years serving Calgary schools offering educational, respect-life presentations. Your help with our Hike for Life is valuable to the success of bringing our two educational, pro-life Respect Life programs to thousands of students in school classrooms in two school districts. Currently the Calgary Pro-Life Association is gearing up for the 42nd Annual Hike For Life. 

Save the date for the 42nd Annual Hike For Life campaign. When: May 7 to June 11, 2022. Goal: $40,000. Register as a team, or as an individual at our on-line Hike for Life page or fill in a Pledge Form | See Poster

Read Calgary Pro Life May's Newsletter


Tru Earth Fundraiser

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Tru Earth is a Canadian company working to reduce the use of plastic in everyday life. They are best known for Eco-Strips Laundry Detergent, a new and revolutionary eco-friendly detergent in strip form, that produces zero waste. One year’s supply of laundry strips fits in a small shoe box and replaces 9 plastic laundry bottles!

Brand Highlights:

  • Paraben and Phosphate-free
  • Free of added dyes, chlorine bleach, and 1,4-dioxane, as certified by independent laboratory tests
  • Hypoallergenic and Vegan-Friendly
  • Tru Earth's packaging uses zero plastic
  • Free shipping directly to your home anywhere in Canada or the US

Help make a sustainable environmental impact while supporting CWL. Check periodically for new products and special promotions.

Tru Earth’s fundraising program provides 20% of the sale to participating Councils (see below):


Humanitarian Aid Collection for Ukraine

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March 24 Update as per website of the Ukrainian Catholic Parish of Calgary Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us via email and phone offering to assist in whatever way possible. We are overwhelmed and so grateful! Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to every individual inquiry and so encourage you to please check back here for updates regarding volunteering opportunities and donation opportunities. Thank you and may God bless you for your prayers and support during this difficult time.

Humanitarian Aid Shipments

As of today, the packing of boxes is complete and our second shipment of 206 boxes has left Calgary for Edmonton to join a flight heading to Ukraine on Monday March 28, 2022.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to all the generous individuals who participated in donating, packing boxes, and loading pallets; we could not do this without all your support. 

We have notification that our first shipment of 51 boxes has arrived in L’viv Ukraine.

Anyone still wishing to support the Humanitarian Aid Collection for Ukraine can do so electronically via this website, via mail, or in person by visiting the church between 1 to 6 pm daily (including Sat & Sun). Alternatively, donations can be completed online through either of the following organizations, both of which have been vetted as trustworthy and ensure the best impact on the ground.

Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA), a Papal Charity that has already been working with internally displaced people in Ukraine since 2014. Donations made through the Eparchy of Edmonton at are being dollar matched.

Canada Ukraine Foundation at, which supports the population of Ukraine impacted by Russian attacks.

Refugee Support

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Help for Ukraine

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We have received a communique from the Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA) on how to provide help to Ukraine.  Two ways to support Ukraine are provided (1) support Caritas Ukraine through a donation to CNEWA and (2) support the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada. 

This is a critical issue and League members are encouraged to support these initiatives.

As provincial chairpersons, please ensure this message is available to all members through your diocesan counterparts.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Faith Anderson
National Chairperson of Community Life


Prayers for Peace in Ukraine

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People across the globe are expressing solidarity with the people of Ukraine and calling for an end to the unprovoked Russian invasion. As women of faith and compassion, let us pray for our sisters and brothers whose lives, safety, and freedom are under attack. Let us lift our hearts and voices by praying for a peaceful end to this tragic conflict. Our collective prayers matter, so please contribute anytime and anywhere that works for you.

Adapted from Pope Francis’ Prayer for Peace:

Lord God of peace, hear our prayer.
Now, Lord, come to our aid!
Grant us peace, teach us peace; guide our steps in the way of peace.
Open our eyes and our hearts and give us the courage to say:
"Never again war; with war everything is lost."
Instill in our hearts the courage to take concrete steps to achieve peace.
Keep alive within us the flame of hope, so that with patience and perseverance
we may opt for dialogue and reconciliation.

Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us. ?


Residential Schools

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Calgary churchgoers attend Sunday services and reflect on the Pope's apology

Churches from all denominations hosted services Sunday, Apr. 3, 2022 as both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Calgarians reflected on this week's historic papal apology to Canadian residential school victims and survivors. Dolly Castillo, who attends St. Francis of Assisi Church, said the Pope’s apology sends the message that the Catholic church must be a place of welcoming for everyone moving forward Read more...

Indigenous delegation to Rome

April 1 interview with Phil Fontaine former AFN national chief

A delegation of 32 Indigenous Elders, knowledge keepers, residential school survivors, and youth are meeting with Pope Francis this week (March 28 to April 1). Watch the media briefing and videos below.

A delegation of 32 Indigenous Elders, knowledge keepers, residential school survivors, and youth are meeting with Pope Francis this week (March 28 to April 1). Watch the media briefing and videos below.

  • Media briefing | Meeting between Pope Francis & delegates from the Métis National Council
  • Media briefing | Meeting between Pope Francis and delegates from the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami
  • Media briefing | Meeting between the Pope and delegates from the Assembly of First Nations
  • Final Audience between Pope Francis and all the Indigenous delegates. (Papal apology and commitment to come to Canada)
  • Media briefing with all Indigenous partners and the CCCB following the final audience with Pope Francis held on April 1, 7:30 am MT. (above)

Read / Watch

Read more ...