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Purse Holders Available

The Holy Trinity CWL council #12 is excited to take on the challenge of a fundraiser for the 2019 national convention which will be held here in Calgary. 

We have come up with an item that was very well received by our members. We are sure that they will be so popular, we are hoping that National CWL will want to add them to their regular line of CWL products. wink

They are $10 each. To order, contact Janet Miles.

2017 Nativity themed stamps now available

The 2017 issue of Nativity themed stamps are now available for this Christmas Season’s mailings - and for use all year long...  


Christmas: PermanentTM Domestic Stamps - Booklet of 12 - The Adoration of the Shepherds

Product # 113867 - $10.20  ISSUE DATE: November 3, 2017

These colourful stamps feature the Italian renaissance masterpiece The Adoration of the Shepherds by Florentine artist Tommaso di Stefano Lunetti. The serene, symmetrical work is part of the collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto.

  • I urge you all to specifically ask for the Religious themed stamp when purchasing postage.  Do not just ask for the “Christmas Stamp” as there are other non-religious themed Christmas stamps. Postal staff may try to convince you that these are all there are for Christmas.  If so, it merely means, the staff is uninformed or they have neglected to order the Christian themed stamp. The more requests for the stamp, the greater the chances that postal outlets will continue to order in the future.  If they don’t have them, then go to another outlet until you find one that does, or order the stamps online!

Buy your year’s supply of stamps as these stamps can be used all year.

  • As members of Catholic Women’s League we should be fully supporting this issue of stamps each year to ensure they will continue to be produced, and to enforce the true meaning of the Christmas Season i.e.: Keep Christ in Christmas!!


Prior to 2003 Canada Post had always issued a featured stamp at Christmas relating to Christ’s birth. In 2003 it was proposed that this special stamp edition was no longer being purchased enough to continue with a religious themed stamp. In 2005 the CWL Provincial Council of BC & Yukon submitted a resolution to the 85th National Convention of CWL to urge Canada Post to continue to include a Nativity related theme in its future Christmas issues.  In turn the resolution was passed and the National Executive successfully lobbied our federal government that Canada Post issue a Nativity themed stamp each Christmas Season. Our society is becoming increasingly secular. We are very fortunate that the National Executive of 2005 were able to present a strong message to government that compelled them to act in continuing to issue a Nativity themed stamp each year.

Licensed raffle for the St. Mark Conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul

St Mark's CWL is holding a licensed raffle for the St. Mark Conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. We will be bringing tickets to sell at the Calgary Regional meeting, Monday, December 4 (so bring some cash if you want in on this).

In case you aren't familiar with the baskets, they include everything for a complete turkey or ham dinner. This is right down to the napkins, tablecloth, wine, cheese, cracker and a gift certificate for the meat. The movie/treat basket includes gift cards for movie theaters, EB Games, popcorn, beverages, chocolates, etc. for a family night.

All of the proceeds go to St. Vincent de Paul.

Employment Opportunities

For employment and volunteer opportunities within the Catholic Diocese of Calgary please visit the website for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary.

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