Awards, Bursaries & Recognition

In this section, the tags indicate designation or intended recipient. For example, click on  Bursary  below to see all the Bursaries / Scholarships, or  Individual  to see the list of awards which can be given to individuals. 

Bellelle Guerin Award

Parish Councils can give this award to a member who has dedicated herself to the work of the League in her parish, diocese and/or province. 

  • apply to National office

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Bishop O'Byrne Scholarship

Calgary Diocesan Council offers this support for members who want to learn more about their Catholic faith.

  • up to $500 for a course
  • apply by May 31

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Several types of certificates are available from National Office for Councils to present for various purposes.

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Elsie Yanik Award

Provincial annual award given to an individual who has shown leadership and ministry/service

  • nominated by Parish or Diocesan Council
  • apply by December 31

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Father Walter Krewski Membership Award

Provincial awards given to Parish Councils for increase in membership in the previous year.

  • apply by February 28.

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Life Membership

National award for past Diocesan or Provincial Presidents

  • nominations submitted by Diocesan or Provincial executives

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Maple Leaf Service Pins

Presented by Parish Councils to members who have served the League in an exceptional manner.

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National Bursary Fund

for members of 3 or more years

  • up to $1000 / year
  • apply by May 31

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National Development Fund

Funds available to Councils at all levels for workshops and programs to advance the League's envisioned future.

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