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Earth Day 2018: A world without plastic pollution

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Care of Creation continues to be a focus for Pope Francis. The global community is slowly awakening to the need for a world-wide collaboration to address the environmental crisis looming before us. In her recent communique, Community Life Standing Chair, Sister Susan Scott provides practical information from the Earth Day website on what individuals and communities can do in response which includes a plastic pollution footprint calculator which will assist you in learning about your plastic consumption and a personal plastics plan to track your progress.

Earth Day is on April 22nd, 2018
Theme: A World Without Plastic Pollution

We are called to action…What will you do?

Earth Day 2018 will focus on changing our attitudes and behaviors surrounding plastics which in turn will hopefully result in a significant reduction in plastic pollution. This year’s theme is one that each and every one of us can find ways to make a difference and together, we can make an impact.

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Seniors' Advocate Initiative

Pass the word - Seniors’ Advocate is now available for assistance -

The Alberta Mackenzie Provincial CWL Council is requesting that all CWL Councils participate in a provincial initiative to urge the Alberta government to amend the Alberta Health Act so that the Seniors' Advocate is an independent voice that reports to the Legislature.  Click here to learn more.

2017 update report:

Dr. Sheree Kwong See, a University of Alberta psychology professor was named as the province’s new seniors advocate, ending a wait of more than two years for the government to fill the role. Sheree Kwong See, who has a PhD in experimental psychology with a specialization in aging, will take on the new job starting Sept. 1 for term that runs until the end of 2019.

“I am excited for this great opportunity and am eager to get to work on behalf of Alberta seniors,” Kwong See said in a written statement. The seniors advocate was established in 2014 under the former Progressive Conservative government, but Kwong See’s appointment represents the first time the province has hired someone for the role. As the first full-time advocate, Kwong See will have an opportunity to define the role. Ministerial orders call for the advocate to help seniors navigate the various publicly funded services available to them and provide education on issues affecting seniors, “including matters such as elder abuse, age friendly communities, older workers and ageism.“ The advocate can also request inspections of provincial facilities that cater to seniors and can refer reports of abuse to an investigator, though these powers have been rarely used. The government described Kwong See as expert on the physical, cognitive, and social aspects of aging. Her studies have included research on the impact of ageism as a factor in elder abuse. She was appointed through an open competition for the role. The advocate reports directly to Minister of Seniors and Housing Lori Sigurdson.

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