Planning Strategically

National Strategic Plan

See the Strategic Plan for 2018 - 2022

See Strategizing Successful Membership Campaigns for Renewal and Recruitment Tips.

All members are encouraged to study the Executive Orientation Program modules to learn more about the League.

Be Welcoming

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Welcoming is not a one-time event. It is a continuous process and mindset that touches members on an ongoing basis. It makes the League a great sisterhood and keeps members engaged and committed. It is essential that members feel welcomed and at home from their first day and genuinely connected every day.

The new Welcome Program released in September 2020 relates to two critical issues identified in the strategic plan:

  1. Include (leave no member behind) and affirm (make members feel welcomed, needed and wanted), and
  2. Validate all members.

This document will assist you as you welcome new members to your parish council and encourage the involvement of all members. There are suggestions, ideas and resources for you to adapt and customize in ways that will work best for your council.

Download Welcome Program
Download Membership forms (Word format so you can adapt them for your council)

Download Welcome Program Brochure

Watch Welcome Program Video

Invitation Cards - 4 colorful postcards...order from National or print your own (scale to fit printable area)