The Joy of Leadership

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Leadership is not a title – it is a behaviour
It is about the power of love, not the love of power. Leadership qualities or attributes can be developed and enhanced over time.


Knowing Council Members is Key

Have the member information forms from the Welcome Kit for renewing and new members completed. The forms highlight what members enjoy doing, some of their talents and gifts and what they are passionate about.

Invite members to participate in what inspires them to fulfil the League's core purpose. Some projects and activities may be small and happen once, while others may be large and ongoing or a combination of both.

A successful leader strives to:

  • Motivate others
  • Communicate effectively
  • Be joyful and hope-filled
  • Encourage participation
  • Take responsibility
  • Listen to others and put people first
  • Be emphatic and connect with others
  • Have a positive self-image and act as a positive role model

Skills of Servant Leaders

  • Active listening
  • Using power ethically
  • Seeking consensus
  • Practicing the art of foresight
  • Knowing when to step back
  • Acceptance and empathy
  • Nurturing community

Promoting Leadership in Members

  • Have a Shared Vision
  • Model Leadership
  • Embrace Change
  • Empower Others
  • Encourage Others