Calgary Diocesan CWL 101st Annual Convention


Guide to Virtual (Online) Meetings During COVID-19

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The following are guidelines to be used by councils holding virtual (online) meetings if meetings cannot take place in person during the COVID-19 pandemic. The League is governed by the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, and at the moment, the by-laws do not allow councils to have “official” online meetings. The following is a summary of how meetings can take place, decisions can be made and councils can move forward.

  1. Online or virtual meetings of parish, diocesan and provincial councils can be held.
  2. Business can be discussed and decisions can be taken.
  3. The secretary or other person who would normally be recording minutes should take “notes” of the meeting.
  4. Decisions that do not require a motion but simply approval by those present can be made and acted on by the council.
  5. If an “item” would normally require a motion to confirm the action, then it should be submitted to the meeting, discussed and a vote taken.
  6. The “item” is either accepted or rejected. If rejected, it goes no further.
  7. If accepted, then a vote should be taken that the “item” be recommended for approval at the next in-person meeting of the council. If this is rejected, it goes no further.
  8. If accepted, the council may take any action required on the “item” recommended for approval. For example, the treasurer requested that a donation of $200.00 be made to the national voluntary fund for Catholic Missions In Canada. This “item” was voted on, discussed and accepted. The treasurer then requested the donation of $200.00 be recommended for approval at the council’s next in-person meeting. This was accepted. A cheque for $200.00 can be written and sent to national office for this donation.
  9. When an “item” has been recommended for approval, it should be added to a list to be maintained by the secretary (or other recording individual). These accepted “items” should be submitted as motions at the next in-person meeting of the council for formal approval and insertion in the official minutes of the in-person council meeting where they are passed.
  10. All “items” requiring a formal motion can be processed in this way, including other donations, approval of council official minutes, etc.
  11. The “notes” taken at virtual meetings should be kept for future reference (similar to minutes) so that there is a record of what has taken place by the council during all virtual meetings it holds.

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