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Lilia Hlavacek

Lilia was born in Bago City, Negros Occidental Philippines and after high school, obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education at the University of Negros Occidental in Bacolod City, Philippines.  After graduation she began her career of teaching at Lag-asan Elementary School in the District of Bago City where  she taught grade five for ten years.

In 1972, Lilia came to Canada as a tourist when Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau opened the doors of Canada to the world.  She applied for her Canadian Citizenship at the Toronto Immigration Office and after three months she became a Canadian citizen.  She soon began a new job at Central Park Lodge, a home for the elderly, and in 1975 married her husband, Martin Hlavacek.    

Martin and Lilia moved to Stony Plain, Alberta in 1977 and it was there she joined the Catholic Women’s League in 1980.

Busy raising two daughters involved in figure skating lessons after school and working in the evening, Lilia had to give up attending CWL meetings for a while. 

Moving to Calgary in 1996 and after her retirement, Lilia joined the Catholic Women’s League at St. Thomas More Parish in 1980 where she became very active in many Parish ministries, including becoming the President of the CWL council.

Enjoying travelling, camping, hiking and skiing, Martin and Lilia were married for 39 years before Martin passed away in 2014.  She was so blessed with the prayerful support of her sisters in the League at St. Thomas More, then and to this day.

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